Mistakes to Avoid While Taking a Car Loan

In today’s age, the car a person owns defines his or her social standing. But, not everyone can buy the car of their dreams. There are a number of banks and other non-banking financial institutions that offer car loans to help those who want to buy their dream car. There are a number of things… Read More »

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

With the Valentine’s Day around the corner, you see a lot of big brands promoting themselves, various discounts are offered by the restaurants, etc. It becomes hard to choose what gift to get your loved one and how to make the day special. Most of the restaurants will be booked out and you won’t find… Read More »

Tips for Selecting the Best Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance plan is necessary as it covers the cost if you are sick or hurt. A good health insurance plan will protect you from unexpected medical expenses. You will pay less in a network health care. Following are the tips you must take into consideration while selecting a health insurance plan: Check if your… Read More »

Best Travel Credit Cards in Philippines

Everyone earns to travel, to see a new place, to unwind and be lost in the beauty of the nature. But, travelling is expensive, it doesn’t mean that you stop travelling. There are multiple credit cards in the Philippines that offer great rewards for travel, you get free hotel stays, free flight tickets, etc. You… Read More »

Philippine destinations to spend your Christmas vacation

Philippines is known to celebrate the longest Christmas season in the world. The country transforms into a spectacle of lights and colors. The streets are lit up with Christmas lights, the house have a parol, and various other Christmas decors. If you plan on taking your family on a holiday in Philippines, you might want… Read More »

Tips For Money Management for Christmas

Christmas is the most favorite holiday of Filipinos. The Philippines has the longest Christmas celebrations. The houses are all lit up and you can find people singing carols. At the end of every Christmas party that the Filipinos attend, gifts will be exchanged. As Christmas comes once a year, people don’t hold back in celebrating… Read More »

Smart Ways to Spend Your Christmas Bonus

Most employers in the Philippines give Christmas bonus to their employees during the Yuletide season. It could either be a little extra amount that will be added to your monthly salary or it could also be a fat bonus that serves as a reward for your service. This extra money comes only once in a… Read More »

More About HSBC Credit Card

When you go to a bank to apply for a credit card, you get various options such as MasterCard and Visa. They both basically serve the same purpose but the rewards offered differs. HSBC offers 5 types of credit cards, you can read on to know which would be the best option for you. Credit… Read More »

Best Rewards Credit Cards Offered by Citibank

Most credit card companies lure people to sign up for credit cards by offering rewards. There will be some great rewards offered, but you must remember that the credit card companies are in the business to make money and not to help the customers. The credit card companies will not offer rewards with the intention… Read More »

Spend, Save, Invest, Donate – Teaching Kids to Value Money

It’s best to teach kids the value of money while they are very young, so they understand its importance and not take it for granted. Children learn a lot at home, looking at their parents and other older members of the family. What parents can do is use this behavior of theirs to teach them… Read More »